HOT Screen is a licensed manufacturer of the TruCulture System

Manfred Schmolz, founder of HOT Screen, formerly known as EDI GmbH, invented the TruCulture System. After merging with Rules-Based Medicine, USA, the manufacturing process of TruCulture tubes remained with EDI. Today, HOT Screen GmbH, the successor of EDI GmbH, is the contract manufacturer and developer of customized TruCulture Systems for new applications for Rules-Based Medicine.

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TruCulture is a registrated Trademark of Rules-Based Medicine.

How TruCulture is performed

TruCulture is an integrated blood collection and whole blood culture system. No special skills beyond those to draw blood are required to perform TruCulture tests!

The test kit includes syringes containing the stimulant as well as a specially composed medium. In addition an inexpensive and simple to operate thermostat is needed. Only 1 ml of blood has to be drawn into the syringe. Thereafter the blood/medium mixture is incubated for variable periods, depending upon the mediator(s) to be tested. At the end of this incubation step the supernatant of the culture is separated from the cells by simply inserting a "valve-septum" into the syringe.

There are two methods to use TruCulture, please see instructional video for

Subsequently the syringe can be stored or sent to a lab where the different cytokines secreted into the culture fluid can be measured.

Combine the TruCulture-System with our Multi-Analyte-Profiling (MAP) services

TruCulture versus PBMC

The graph below represents preliminary data comparing immune cell responses with and without stimulation of an individual donor for TruCulture System versus PBMC cultures. In general, the response of immune cells cultivated in TruCulture mirrors that of PBMC for the majority of the cytokines measured; however, in this individual, measurable stimulation is observed with

TruCulture for cytokines such as IL-12p70 and IL-23 , whereas no or negligible stimulation is observed with PBMC cultures.
By providing a more inclusive set of cellular components, TruCulture is able to show a more complete and more physiological picture of cytokine activation versus PBMC.