CEO and Founder

Manfred Schmolz, PhD

Manfred Schmolz, Managing Director of HOT Screen GmbH, is one of the leading specialists in the development of human organotypical Co-Culture systems in the area of immunopharmacology.

He is the founder of HOT Screen GmbH (2014), successor of EDI GmbH (also founded by M.Schmolz in 1996), a high-end contract research lab providing a whole series of proprietary, high-end organotypical in-vitro test systems for drug characterization.

M.Schmolz also invented the TruCulture system, the only human, organotypical bed-side test for functional characterization of drug effects in clinical trials.

From 1996-2000 M.Schmolz served as head of quality control for two different IVD manufacturers.

Between 1989 and 1996 M.Schmolz established and headed a cell-culture lab for immunopharmacological profiling of natural compounds in the pharmaceutical industry.

After finishing his studies in microbiology, pharmacology, parasitology and human physiology 1981, M.Schmolz worked at the Immunopathology Lab of the University of Tübingen as a doctoral student and as a post-doc (until 1989) in the field of autoimmune disorders, mainly autoaggressive liver diseases.