HOT Screen - The faster way to better drugs

From late failure to early success - 90 % of all clinical studies fail after usually 10+ years of highly expensive preclinical development.

HOT Screen´s goal is to make drug development faster, safer, less expensive and more reliable.

Our organotypic cell culture systems particularly help to reduce attrition rates in the later, clinical phases of drug development

Substance Screening

Even plain whole blood culture models already enable a comprehensive characterization of drugs, even of substances with complex multi-target activities.
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Customized Cell Culture Systems

All of our culture models can easily be custom-tailored to match the mode of action, the physico-chemical properties of the test substances, or even the disease process in question.
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HOT Co-Cultures

The use of organ-specific 3-D Co-Culture models allows the generation of tissue-specific activity profiling.
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Closed whole blood collection and culture system for clinical trials.
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The translational value of HOT test models

Using HOT cell culture models provides a maximum of translatability of early and mid-stage preclinical results to the clinical test situation.
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